Friday, August 26, 2011

Networking Break

Unfortunately this title is misleading because a successful networker never "takes a break". But this blogger took a break and so I apologize for there not being a recent post. When moving to a new location, it is extremely important to maintain a professional relationship with those individuals that made a positive impact on your professional life previously. You never know when you may need to call on them again in your new position and it is nice to have kept in contact so you are not coming out of the blue. It also helps to maintain those contacts in case you ever go back to your previous position/place of employment.

True story- Most know that the earthquake affected much of the East Coast this past week. Our building shook and we were evacuated. While standing out at our rally point, I ran into an old co-worker who happened to be here for a conference. Turns out that although he works for a different "department", we each had mutually beneficial information for eachother. Had we not exchanged emails, that connection would have been lost, along with a lot of infomation that could be particularly important down the road.

Lesson- Just because you didn't like your previous job or the people in it, don't burn those bridges. It may not be what you think and you never know when your paths will cross again.

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